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photo Gaël Tissot Gaël Tissot discovered music by learning piano. From 2002, while being a student in musicology at the university (Toulouse), he studied composition with Bertrand Dubedout and piano with François-Michel Rignol (with whom he earned a superior diploma in piano performing), before being admitted to the composition class of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon. In 2007, he was in residence for composition at CIRM (International Music Research Center) in Nice, and for three months at University of California at Berkeley.

Doctor in musicology, he wrote his thesis on the electroacoustic music of François Bayle and its relation with visual elements. He is the author of several international musicological publications. He founded in 2013 a lusic school engaged in contemporary music, and an artistic collective (collective hapax). He is also lecturor at the university of Toulouse.

Gaël Tissot was awarded several prizes: Mauricio Kagel 2012 (Vienna) 2nd Prize, Prix résidence 2008 at the Concours international de musique et d’art sonore électroacoustiques de Bourges, special mention in the competition Métamorphoses 2010. His music is played in France as well as in other countries: ISCM World Music Days 2016, Nuits bleues (Arc et Senans), Tage für neue Musik (Darmstadt), festival Occitània (Toulouse), University of Cologne, Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition...