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Artistic stance

I like to integrate playful elements in my music, instrumental as well as electroacoustic. Indeed, it is by the action of "playing" that the musician and the listener penetrate into music (to "play" an instrument, to "play" a part, etc.). So are my collections of short piano pieces (Cahier d'explorations, Carnet de rêves), or the work around art game (Les deux versants).

My newest works also show interest toward writing, wether the text is preexisting (as in Lueurs grises) or created by myself (Signes vifs).

Leading of musical energy is something to be found regularly in my music: phenomens of progressive tension, of memory and recall, of anamorphoses... As such, it places it in the heritage of spectralism and of electroacoustic music of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) of Paris.

Les deux versants