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Geolocated sound work

Toposonic is an artistic project that aims to experience augmented reality of sound with a mobile application and headset or headphones. By moving around in the public space, the listener/walker influences the music and text he or she listens to. Thus, virtual sound characters appear and disappear during the walk, sounds and custom written music come to life, a second amazing reality is revealed to the curiosity of the listening walker.

Therefore, Toposonic aims to transform outdoor public spaces (parks, squares, etc.) by giving them a new sound and artistic dimension. In this metamorphosis with an almost magical character, the topology of the site is fundamental because it serves as an active setting. It is, for example, by approaching a water source that the music heard will evoke the liquid element, or by approaching a particular building that the text will be linked to its history. From the diversion of these points of reference from everyday life, several objectives emerge:

 -  To bring a wide audience to live an artistic experience, outside the conventional routes (concert hall, museum, etc.).
- To raise public awareness of different themes: sound environment, cultural heritage, history of a place, etc.
- To raise public awareness of different themes: sound environment, cultural heritage, history of a place, etc.

Launched by Gaël Tissot, musician and digital designer (studio hapax - Toulouse), Toposonic was born from the desire to experience unusual musical listening situations. In the wake of concerts in the forest, concerts under a headset or other devices already put in place by various creators, Toposonic is a sound installation that has the particularity of being completely dematerialized. It also directly involves the auditor because his or her walk is necessary to explore all aspects of the project.

Toposonic was shown in Château Éphémère (Carrières-sous-Poissy, FR), at the biennale Appel d’air (Arras, FR), in the festival [DNA] (Grenobme, FR).

Accéder à Toposonic version Arras, dans le cadre de la biennale Appel d’air

Pour la version d’Appel d’air, Toposonic trace un récit futur (ou peut-être bien passé ?) de deux personnes qui se rencontrent dans le Jardin Minelle. Arras a changé : les remparts sont de nouveau debout, la cité se prolonge sous terre, mais le beffroi emblématique est toujours là… 

Accéder  à Toposonic version Château éphémère (Carrières-sous-Poissy)

Toposonic trace le récit futur de deux personnes qui se rencontrent dans le parc du château. L’environnement a changé: la cité se prolonge sous terre, un labyrinthe étrange émerge, dans lequel se perdent les deux personnages, le château Vanderbilt comme figure inaltérable…
Toposonic, parcours musical géolocalisé, parcours sonore géolocalisé. 
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